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Hello LPAS Families and Friends! Below are my (belated) notes from October 19 and November 16 2021 meetings - both of which were held in-person for the first time for me!

My notes here are brief as we are back to being in-person. See the agendas and official minutes for more details.

Note: I’m one of two parent reprensentatives, so my notes are slanted towards parent/family topics. As far as notes go, they are probably incomplete, and are definitely not “official”. Official agendas and approved minutes are posted on the LPAS SBDM page and JCPS SBDM Council and Standing Committee Minutes site.

October 19, 201

October 19, 2021 Agenda & Docs

  • Welcome Ashley Dearinger - new 2021-2023 parent representative!
  • Spring 2021 PREP scores are due out soon, but Dr. Pollio has stated we will be largely ignoring these (there is supposition that the state had already paid for the testing, so we went ahead with it)
  • Instead, we’ll be using November’s MAP testing to guide student achievement goals.
  • LPAS is still looking for 1/2 of an ECE teacher.
  • School Communications are a hot topic recently (see my Thoughts On Making School Communications Better), and I brought to this committee that there were a number of small things that would help.
  • I put together an email with my current “communication environment”, being at two different schools. You can see a PDF of that email here.
  • The WOW newsletter will be going out again (yay!) with the help of our amazing PTA
  • We’re going to move to SchoolCNXT for our main school communications.


November 16, 2021 Agenda & Docs

  • Small playground that has been shuttered for weeks to be fixed with the Fifth Grade 2020 trip monies. A plaque will be erected in their honor!
  • Apparently the roof is done? Ms. Case noted she has not been notified of progress throughout.
  • Still looking for a 1/2-time ECE teacher. This is the 3rd time the position has been posted.
  • KPREP scores went home - they were largely not great due to NTI. Assumption was made that since admin did not hear from parents about the largely underwhelming scores, that everyone understands they were not useful due to NTI.
  • LPAS is once again been randomly selected for the National Assessment of Education Process (NAEP) testing. This is the “Nation’s Report Card”. We will not see individual or school results, but LPAS’ involvement is a part of the national survey.
  • Test to Stay, Test to Play is now JCPS policy, and will likely cut down on COVID contact tracing and quarantining.
  • COVID contact tracing will now only happen once a positive rapid test is followed by positive PCR test. Apparently there were many false positives.
  • LPAS’ Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP) is due in the system by December 1, 2021.