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Hello LPAS Families and Friends! Below are my notes from May 18 2022 meeting.

My notes here are brief as we are back to being in-person. See the agendas and official minutes for more details.

Note: I’m one of two parent reprensentatives, so my notes are slanted towards parent/family topics. As far as notes go, they are probably incomplete, and are definitely not “official”. Official agendas and approved minutes are posted on the LPAS SBDM page and JCPS SBDM Council and Standing Committee Minutes site.

May 18, 2022

May 18, 2022 Agenda & Docs

Good News

  • Bunch of activities recently: Basketball, cheer groups
  • Field Day tomorrow
  • MAP report is promising


  • Full time ECE position open in June
  • We received ESSER approval from JCPS for full-time Gifted and Talented teacher. We accepted an applicant, Ms. Miller (our current 4/5 teacher) to this position. However, the District pushed back (after the initial approval) that this should be an “interventionist” instead of a classroom teacher. This will require us to re-open the position and post it district-wide (and add $9,000 to the salary)
  • Long-time and much-beloved school security officer “Mr. Fred” Parker is taking a district-level security position and will be leaving LPAS.
  • Our long-time and equally-beloved counselor Ms. Nannette Jones will be retiring at the end of this year. We are happy for Ms. Jones but also very sad to see her amazing spirit leave our halls!

MAP Growth

We reviewed our MAP testing results overview. Excellent growth in Math and average growth in Reading. Know we still have work to do here.


We are “Front-loading” the budgets for drama - using ticket sales from prior year to fund next year. Currently $8,000 for next year after Matilda was a success!

Carryover funds: We have a lot of money left here: $140,853. We only need to make broad allotments here for later spending, so we have. Ms. Case and team have earmarked $66,000 for instructional supplies, $35,000 for new equipment (desks, art), $10,000 for front lobby furniture, and $30,000 for finally getting video cameras and school safety stuff. We approved this!

School Schedule

See the May 18, 2022 SBDM Folder for the proposed lunch, wellness, library and master schedules.

School Space

New school space plan has been worked on and reviewed today. Notable updates: Gifted and talented would utilize the band room. Mental health practitioner is getting a space, as is the new ECE position. Reading interventionist who primarily works with lower grades is moving downstairs.

Policy Review: Parent and Family Engagement / Involvement

We reviewed the Parent and Family Engagement/Involvement policy. I have suggested that we add a requirement for a Community Survey and Report to make this goal-setting policy actionable. Ms. Case will work on adding the discrete language, but we suggested a yearly community survey in April and a public report to be available in May. Second reading at our next meeting!

See you next time!

See you in June(?). Ms. Case is checking to see if we are required to have one.