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Ben Wilson

curious + creative strategist

Case Studies

Below are select case studies from my career that best showcase my skills and talents.

Note: Unless noted, all projects below were done in deep collaboration with my extremely talented colleagues and supported by amazing organizations.

GE Appliances FirstBuild Forge Clear Ice

GE Appliances FirstBuild Forge Clear Ice // Product Crowdfunding Strategy & Execution

FirstBuild is GE Appliances product innovation lab and makerspace. In 2018 they embarked on a challenge to design and create something previously only available to high-end restaurants and bars: a clear ice machine.

In deep collaboration with the FirstBuild team, we planned and executed a strategy-backed crowdfunded product launch that exceeded 300% of their goal.

My roles

  • Product Launch Strategy: I led the effort to develop the (ultimately successful) product launch strategy by compiling research, defining personas and customer journeys and ultimately marketing strategy and tactics.
  • Team Management: I led our team of strategists to execute marketing efforts including social, web and promotional content.
  • In-Depth Reporting & Analysis: As lead of the marketing strategy, I was responsible for reporting, analyzing and presenting results. I developed and aggregated data streams, designed reportage, visualized information, analyzed the results and presented regularly to stakeholders.

Read the Forge Clear Ice Case Study.

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Kentucky Performing Arts Header

Kentucky Performing Arts // Rebrand, Website & Ticketing App

In 2018, VIA Studio Partnered with the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts to help develop a new website and ticketing experience.

As a result of our collaborative, iterative process - we ended up rebranding, renaming and launching a wholly new Kentucky Peforming Arts brand, brand identity and website.

My roles

  • Project Management: I led the cross-discipline team and acted as the main liasion with our clients, collaborating on, determining and organizing goals and priorities.
  • Brand Copywriting: I led the copywriting for the Kentucky Performing Arts brand concept, collaborating with our creative director, design team, and other stakeholders.
  • User Experience: Working closely with our UX Designer, I helped translate goals and priorities into the website you see today - including the state-of-the-art ecommerce/ticketing flow.

Read the Kentucky Performing Arts Rebrand Case Study.

Read the Kentucky Performing Arts Website Case Study.


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Mr. Boston Header

Sazerac // Mr. Boston Bartender's Guide

Since it's first publishing in 1935, Mr. Boston Bartender's Guide has been the quintessential guide to cocktails in America.

Beginning in 2015, Sazerac partnered with VIA Studio to take this physical reference online, in a compelling and user-friendly way.

Over the next couple of years, we designed & built a first-of-its-kind recipe database, digitally transcribing 80 years of cocktail recipes into an API-powered archive, fronted by a unique, user-driven website.

In addition, VIA Studio developed a digital brand, identity and user interface for Mr. Boston - a brand that had not yet been digitally experienced.

My roles

  • Project Management: I led the cross-discipline team and acted as the main liasion with our clients, collaborating on, determining and organizing goals and priorities.
  • Data Design & Acquisition: In collaboration with our Lead Developer, I helped to design the data structure and led the work of loading, organizing and cleaning the data.
  • User Experience: Working closely with our UX Designer, I helped translate goals and priorities into the app you see today. In addition, I helped to drive user testing.

Mr. Boston Drinks is currently the second-most visited Sazerac property, just behind the Buffalo Trace website.

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GE Energy Climb Time

GE Energy // Climb Time Interactive Experience

Climb Time is a multiplayer experience developed for GE Energy.

Originally codenamed "TopIt", Climb Time was launched at the 2012 Windpower tradeshow in Atlanta, Georgia. The event was held inside an airplane hangar at the Delta headquarters - with a bar under the belly of the 737 resting inside. The Climb Time experience was displayed on two 55" monitors side-by-side and simulcast for the crowd on a 40-foot wide projection screen. The game pitted two contestants in a race to the top of a 90-meter tall wind turbine. Along the way, each contestant had to climb the ladder, open the hatches, complete a maintenance-based mini-game, and eventually reach the top hatch of the turbine where their character danced while they had their photo taken by the Kinect.

On every front - design, development and technology - ClimbTime allowed a small, tight team of developers, creatives and 3D designers to flex their muscles and create an experience that was both cutting edge and extremely fun. All in less than 3 months from kickoff to launch!

Technologically it was a challenge - but perhaps moreso in the interaction and user-interface design. How do we engage a group of users that likely have never experienced a Kinect-driven game? How will we educate them about the movements required to perform the game?

We utilized the Microsoft Kinect controller and it's APIs to drive the interaction to the Unity 3D engine that was crammed full of custom-created models and textures. The head-to-head experience was powered by Unity's internal networking facilities - which also powered the real-time scoreboard and in-game play-versus-player status.

My roles

  • Development: I acted as lead developer between the two of us for this project. Splitting the work between the "3D world" and the backend, I handled the latter - developing the technology and code to run the game logic, interface with the Microsoft Kinect controller and manage the real-time multiplayer networking.
  • Interaction & UX Design: Between the novel interface technology that is the Microsoft Kinect and the gaming focus of this project, I worked with our creative and development team to design interfaces and interactions that were easily telegraphed, natural and fit the feel of the game. I also helped to develop the "help" prompts throughout the game - striking a balance between too much and too little information for the player.
  • Project Management: In addition to my roles as a designer and developer on this project, I also kept the project moving - keeping schedules, assigning tasks and coordinating with hardware and services vendors


  • Microsoft Kinect for Windows
  • Unity 3D
  • ASP.NET/C#
  • Zigfu

View the Climb Time Demo Reel.

Lennox Energy Savings Calculator

Lennox // Energy Savings Calculator //

  • Development: Developed a private API to deliver localized energy usage rates and utility costs to the tool
  • Interaction & UX Design: Worked closely with our digital designer to plan and design the interactions and functionality
  • Developed the HTML and Javascript
  • Ported the desktop version to the Lennox mobile web properties and their iOS and Android apps


  • jQuery
  • Raphael.js
  • JSON-encoded REST API


Louisville, Kentucky, USA